Secrets of the Apple Tree by Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner
The Cleo Stories by Libby Gleeson and Freya Blackwood

Violet Mackerel's Possible Friend by Anna Branford and Sarah Davis

Violet Mackerel's Possible Friend

Walker Books Australia, Newtown, 2013

Hardcover, 112 pages

ISBN: 978-1-9219-7756-5

Suggested reading age: 4+

Reviewed by: Indrani Perera

Rating: *****

Anna Branford and Sarah Davis have created a series of delightful books about a young girl called Violet Mackerel.  She lives with her mum and older brother and sister.  Her mum makes knitted things to sell at a local Saturday market which the whole family attend.  These stories are well written and beautifully illustrated.  Sarah Davis' pencil drawings perfectly compliment Anna Branford's stories.  They are full of heart, gentleness and warmth.  I just love everything about these books.  From the gorgeous illustrations to the delightful stories, to the size of the books and the cover illustrations.  They are a joy to read.

In Violet Mackerel's Possible Friend, Violet and her family move into a new house after her mum and Vincent get married.  Violet creates a hole in the fence and leaves a message for her neighbour.  Will her neighbour find it?  Will her neighbour (with a very tidy yard, unlike Violet's messy yard) be cross about the hole in the fence?  These books deal with the little troubles that are so big for children and the not so little ones they face in a kind and caring way.

Other titles in this series: Violet Mackerel's Brilliant Plot, Violet Mackerel's Remarkable Recovery, Violet Mackerel's Natural Habitat, Violet Mackerel's Personal Space, Violet Mackerel's Pocket Protest, Violet Mackerel's Helpful Suggestion and Violet Mackerel's Formal Occasion.


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