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Long Long's New Year by Catherine Gower and He Zhiong

Long Long's New Year

Tuttle Publishing, VT, 2005

Hardcover, 32 pages

ISBN: 978-0-8048-3666-1

Suggested reading age: 4+

Reviewed by: Indrani Perera

Rating: *****

Long Long's New Year is a beautifully written and illustrated story about the Chinese Spring Festival.  Long Long and his grandfather have patiently counted the days until their cabbages were ready to sell at the market.  They hope to make enough money to buy the things that they need for their Spring Festival celebrations but a rival vendor is getting all the customers.  Long Long wanders around the market, wondering what he can do.  

This is a lovely story about family and is a firm favourite of my five year old daughter.  The book has a glossary of Chinese words used in the story as well as a retelling of the legend of the very first Chinese Spring Festival.

Mama Panya's Pancakes by Mary & Rich Chamberlin and Julia Cairns

Mama Panya's Pancakes

Barefoot Books, MA 2005

Hardcover, 40 pages

ISBN: 978-1-8414-8139-5

Suggested reading age: 3+

Reviewed by: Indrani Perera

Rating: ****

This gorgeous book is set in an African village.  It is about lively Adziki going to the market with his mother to buy flour for pancakes.  Along the way, Adziki invites everyone he knows to join them for pancakes.  "Aiii," says his mother "how many pancakes do you think I can make today, son?"  Adziki airily replies "Oh a little bit and a little bit more."  This is a lovely story about sharing, friendship and community.

It also has a wonderful recipe for pancakes, a map of Kenya, basic Kenyan facts and a Kiswahili glossary.