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Nurse Clementine by Simon James

Nurse ClementineWalker Books, London, 2013

Hardcover, 40 pages

ISBN: 978-1-4063-3862-1

Suggested reading age: 3+

Reviewed by: Indrani Perera

Rating: ***

I think every child goes through a phase of playing doctors.  I know I did and my girls love playing doctors and using their doctor's kit to bandage their toys, each other and the cat when they can catch him!  In this story, Nurse Clementine gets a nurse's kist for her birthday and sets about bandaging everyone except her little brother who flatly refuses.  That is, until there is a real emergency and he finds that he does need Nurse Clementine's help after all.  A lovely story about siblings and caring for each other. 

My only complaint about this book is that Clementine is a nurse - I wish she was a doctor.  Girls can be doctors too you know, and we shouldn't limit them to nursing.  Not there is anything wrong with nursing, mighty fine profession, highly undervalued and all.  Oops, I think I may be getting myself in trouble here - I hope you know what I mean and take my comment in good faith!

Mouse Mansion: Sam and Julia at the Theatre by Karina Schaapman

Mouse Mansion - TheatreAllen & Unwin, Crows Nest, 2013

Hardcover, 68 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7433-1843-0

Suggested reading age: 3+

Reviewed by: Indrani Perera

Rating: *****

In this gorgeous book, Karina Shaapman has created a whole miniature world out of cardboard orange boxes to tell the story of Sam and Julia at the Theatre.  As she says, Mouse Mansion is "...a little bit wonky, with a retro, shabby-chic look about it."  It is the best dollhouse you will ever see and it fills both children and adults alike with a sense of wonder.  I cannot do it justice in this review - this is one book you really have to see for yourself.

Other titles in this series- Mouse Mansion: Sam and Julia, Mouse Mansion: Sam and Julia at the Circus.

Secrets of the Apple Tree by Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner

Secrets of the Apple TreeThe Ivy Press, Lewes, 2013

Hardback, 36 pages

ISBN: 978-1-7824-0068-4

Suggested reading age:  3+

Reviewed by: Indrani Perera

Rating: ****

This clever book by Carron Brown and Alyssa Nassner is a shine-a-light book.  When you shine a light behind the right hand side pages, more of the picture is revealed, making it the perfect bed time story for young readers.

Secrets of the Apple Tree is all about an apple tree and the creatures that live in and around it.  We follow the apple tree through the changing seasons and get to know it and its inhabitants.  At the end of the book is more in depth information about the tree and inhabitants, making it great for older readers who want to know a bit more.

Other Titles in this series: Secrets of the Rainforest, Secrets of the Sea Shore

Mama Panya's Pancakes by Mary & Rich Chamberlin and Julia Cairns

Mama Panya's Pancakes

Barefoot Books, MA 2005

Hardcover, 40 pages

ISBN: 978-1-8414-8139-5

Suggested reading age: 3+

Reviewed by: Indrani Perera

Rating: ****

This gorgeous book is set in an African village.  It is about lively Adziki going to the market with his mother to buy flour for pancakes.  Along the way, Adziki invites everyone he knows to join them for pancakes.  "Aiii," says his mother "how many pancakes do you think I can make today, son?"  Adziki airily replies "Oh a little bit and a little bit more."  This is a lovely story about sharing, friendship and community.

It also has a wonderful recipe for pancakes, a map of Kenya, basic Kenyan facts and a Kiswahili glossary.